What do we do?


M.G.Twente B.V. has specialised in the production of high precision quality parts for the following industries since 1989:

  • Semiconductor
  • Aereospace
  • Medical Industry
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Oil and Gas

Thanks to our modern machinery in combination with highly experienced staff, we have all the skills in-house to be able to manufacture your product from A to Z. From prototyping to automated series production (24/7).

Wire and die-sinking EDM

Die-sinking EDM

Die-sinking EDM is a form of spark erosion in which a specially designed electrode sinks into the material to be machined during the machining process. For die-sinking EDM, you therefore not only need material for the workpiece, but also for the electrode. Depending on the application, this form of electrode is usually made of copper or graphite. The electrode can be formed into almost any desired shape in any conceivable way and then “sinks” into the workpiece on the die-sinking EDM machine.

This process makes it possible to machine all conductive metals with extreme precision (± 0.002 mm), including hardened material and hard metal.

Wire EDM

Wire EDM uses a thin wire as an electrode. This wire unwinds from a spool and the machine follows a pre-programmed contour. You could compare it to jigsaw puzzles. You can cut both straight and conical. Daarnaast kun je met verschillende draaddiktes snijden. You can also cut with different wire thicknesses. As with the sinker EDM process, all conductive metals including hardened materials and carbide can be machined.

Dies and Tools

Dies and Tools

M. G. Twente BV specialises in the design and manufacture of injection, compression and blow moulding dies for various materials (plastic, silicone, powder metallurgy, etc.). From the mould design to the production ready mould.

We already have extensive experience with moulds for the automotive industry, medical industry, food industry and electronics.

We are also your partner for maintenance, overhaul and conversion of existing moulds. With our crane system we can handle dies up to 5,000 kg.

In addition, we specialise in the design and manufacture of casting moulds, winding moulds and punching and cutting tools.

Surface treatments

In addition to the production of high-precision parts, M.G. Twente offers the following treatments:

  • Hardening, inside and outside
  • Surface treatments (anodising, passivation, electropolishing, chromating, blackening, nickel-plating, etc.)
  • Clean room cleaning and packaging
    (grade 4 en grade 2)

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