MG Twente

Your partner for Precision

M. G. Twente, successful in the industry since 1989

M. G. Twente is an ISO-certified company that has been a supplier to the precision engineering industry in three areas since 1989


We are active in the following sectors: Mechatronics, Medical/Optical, Defence, Packaging, Aerospace and various other industries.

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Wire and die-sinking EDM

The wire and die-sinking EDM department is located in an air-conditioned room. This enables us to produce and/or prepare very accurate and high quality parts.

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Dies and Tools

We specialise in the maintenance and overhaul of dies. You have also come to the right address for new construction and design of dies.

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Bedrijvenpark Twente 420
7602 KM Almelo

+31 (0)546-575255

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